Kiosk is: an exercise in alternative retailing, a travel story depicted through objects, a study of material culture, a shop, several people’s efforts to preserve uniqueness in the world, an installation, idealistic, maybe just something other than what we are used to…

Here at KIOSK we are working on a new project…


A paper to complement some of the themes that we have explored in our work thus far and to provoke new thoughts and actions. At Kiosk we concern ourselves with presenting objects, documenting unique portraits of different people and places though their material culture. Our main focus has been the everyday, shedding light on humble implements that are often overlooked in order to inspire their further contemplation — to illustrate and bring closer other worlds. In our exhibitions we have allowed the objects to speak largely for themselves and highlighted their uniqueness by providing short narratives through our subjective lens.

Now, we are creating a place where these thoughts, stories and ideas can be shared and our finds and inspiration can be shown. How do objects impact our lives, the choices that we make and the things we do? Often we have used them as tools and other times the objects themselves have taken control. We are curious as to how these dynamics arise and play out. Velcro was conceived of after its inventor stumbled into a pile of weeds and emerged with cockleburs stuck to his clothing. Every object consists of infinite thoughts and actions. The study of the way we relate to our physical surroundings can tell us things about how we view the world. We want to move away from the material object in order to examine these discursive spaces.


We will be collecting articles, stories, delving into processes, investigating forms of appropriation and transformation to create a forum which discusses the here, there and now.

Submissions will be collected at the following deadlines:

Fall: 11/1 Winter: 1/1 Spring: 4/1 Summer: 6/1

See things we’ve done and are doing here: www.kioskkiosk.com

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We hope you will contribute. Please write us with your thoughts and suggestions HERE